To offer Europe's best independent advice in the fields of breeding management / breeding strategy, reproduction and management.

There will be offered performance-oriented advice given through direct targeted efforts and data collection, where economic output is the focal point.

The approach will be credible and transparent dissemination of creative and practical knowledge.

Will be known to have a committed and maintenance approach to tasks customers entrust to me, ensuring that what survives is a pleased and positive customer experiences based on economic production.


Becoming one of the best in my field.

To establish a network group in Europe within my field of knowledge, sharing and testing ideas with other advisers so our clients can get greater benefits.

Having established a network group to customers and partners, where the focus will be to update each other on new trends, new problems, new solutions and other topical substance.

Getting products into the portfolio that shall be defined as value-added / economical for both the customer and the company.

The company should be "trendy" within counselling and / dissemination of knowledge.


Our clients' success is our success.

There she takes action after high ethical morality for the benefit of a transparent relationship.

In respect of customers and partners will be responsible for professional results-oriented advice, good customer service and transparent communication.

The passion for success will reflect the will and persistence to achieve and vouch for the agreed common objectives.

The company uses only partners who meet the company's vision and has the same basic ethical values.

  • "The customer is the most important guest in our house".
  • "The customer is not dependent on us - we depend on customer"".
  • "The customer does not interrupt our work, but is the very purpose of it".
  • "The customer is an integral part of our work"."
  • "It's not us who makes the customer a favor by serving him or her. The customer does us a favor by giving us the opportunity".
  • "We must make ourselves worthy to be partners".

  • Source: Gandhi  

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