A little about myself

Born in 1968 in Sweden.

Raised in South Funen on a small farm with both dairy cows and slaughter pigs.

After leaving school at the high school and then starting on agricultural education. Agricultural education was finalized in 1993, specializing in pigs.

Then work on different farms around in Denmark until 2002, when I was hired as AI advisor in Unitron A / S. This work consisted in sales and consulting of products for reproduction with a focus on Internal AI. The work was in both Denmark and Europe.

In 2011, I started as a tecnical service manager in DanBred International. The work consisted in serving the customers who had bought Danish genetics. Most of my work was abroad.

In 2012 I started again in Unitron A / S and have been there until 1 April 2015 where I started as an independent impartial adviser with my company "Pigxel" in reproduction and management

Jesper Larsen

Jesper Larsen

Jesper Larsen mobile: +45 20 32 15 98 mail: jl@pigxel.dk