Instructions for use of Pigx-Care

To get the best and greatest benefit from using Pigx-Care, it is important that it is recognized that Pigx-Care will NEVER be a wonder product, but a helping tool.

Most of the hernia can be detected at around 7-9 days after birth. Unfortunately, this is not a good time, in comparison with our normal routines. I want all litter to be checked for the first 14 days, the sooner we apply Pigx-Care, the better the success rate we will have.

Therefore, it is important to say that also our normal routines need to be changed while we need to pay attention to the pigs we have given Pigx-Care and see if we achieve what we want.


  • As soon as blemish is observed, apply Pigx care to the size appropriate to the pig. If applied too large, this will "roll off" and therefore not work. If this is a problem, it may be advantageous to gently wrap the Pigx care so that it stays a bit longer and then re-apply it.
  • At the same time as applying, take some cotton wool and apply some antibacterial and put on the navel / hernia.
  • If this sting occurs within a few days not to be minimized, it may be beneficial to take some tensile plastic and apply halfway to the pig and then re-apply Pigx-Care.
  • If it turns out to be insufficient enough, apply either a glue tape or tenso tape without Pigx care. Make sure it does not tighten too much as it will adversely affect the welfare of the pig. It's better to start loosely and so let the pig "tighten it up".
  • Always be sure to switch to larger size if the welfare of the pig is affected.

General advice:

  • It may be a good idea to cut the umbilical cord when dry. Make sure not to cut too close to the navel. Use clean tools that are dipped in antibacterial agent.
  • Be sure not to use bedding supply that may physically damage the umbilical cord.
  • Make sure that by pulling the piglets, this is done by the scalp in both hind legs or under the stomach.
  • Pay close attention to diarrhea as these pigs are at greater risk of developing hernia.
  • Also be aware of "dung pig" as the risk also rises with these.

Extreme Benefits of Pigx Care:

  • Advantageously, apply the smallest pigs in the litter as Pigx-Care will minimize the risk of undercooling these pigs.
  • Advantageously apply when making a minimum team (same benefit as above).
  • Advantageously used for breeding pig, as Pigx-Care protects the punch set.

Therefore: Use Pigx-Care to optimize both animal welfare and cost-benefit

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